English as a Second Language

When we first went to Jericho, we went to teach English as a Second Language. We had no idea how many people would be interested in classes, but we were told the class would be full. At first we had to find out what they knew about the West. For instance, we found out they knew Mickey Mouse, but had no idea about Minnie Mouse. They did not know about Romeo and Juliet or Gone With The Wind. I say this because these were in the lesson books we had taken with us from the International Bible Society. From the very beginning we had to come up with our own curriculum. We had not planned on that. Continue reading

Where am I?

That was my question on one of my trips. I was scheduled to go to Moldova. Not a famous country, but I knew where it was. When the plane landed, we went through passport control. We were met by our guides. We had quite a bus ride ahead of us.

About an hour later we were at another border crossing. We had to get out, fill out paper work and talk to more guards. Of course our guides helped us because we didn’t speak Russian or Moldovan. Soon we got a paper stamped with an official seal and was told we had to keep that paper with us at all times and wouldn’t be allowed out of the country without it. Continue reading