Sight is important (part 2)

We were told it would be expensive. When we asked how much, we were told $700. I then asked how much the hospital would be.To make a long story short that was the total for the hospital, doctor, and a new pair of glasses.

We called our friend Kahlil to take us to the hospital since we didn’t know where it was in Ramallah. We made arrangements to take Bobby with us and Tim and Louise followed us in the car. Louise said she would spend the night with me.

The hospital was nothing like our hospitals. You got no amenities. You had to ask for a wash cloth and water. You bring your own tooth brush and paste and comb. I was fed, but not much.

When it came time for the surgery, they came and got me in a wheel chair and took me down stairs. When we got to the surgery department, they told me to get out and walk. There was a place to sit down but I could see the doctor and the surgery room. Soon he came out and told me to come in so I walked in and climbed onto the surgery table. He explained what he was going to do and then they put me to sleep.

The day after surgery
The day after surgery

I woke up in my bed, forget recovery room. It was night and Louise was there and I was fortunate enough to be in a room with a lady whose daughter was with her and the daughter spoke English. If I needed something, Louise would tell her and she would go tell the nurses.

The next day the nurse came in and said the doctor would see me in a few minutes. They came and got me in a wheel chair, took me downstairs and the doctor came to me. He looked at my eye and said all was fine and I could go home. So Louise called Bob and he came and got us. I was very thankful for Louise.

We got back to the Jesus House and I recovered quite quickly. I had a couple more visits to the doctor for check ups, got my new glasses and was released.

Was it scary having surgery in a third world country? Yes it was, but I knew God was with me and many people were praying. When I got back to the states I made an appointment with my ophthamologist. I told him what happened. He checked my eye and had other doctors come in and look. He said it was beautiful surgery and he could not have done any better.

I am eternally thankful to God for protecting me and for brothers and sisters who prayed for me.

Always thankful,

2 thoughts on “Sight is important (part 2)

  1. I’m so thankful for how the Lord took care of you.  I know that was a great relief when your Dr. gave that report to you.  PTL!!!What did you actually have done to your eye (s)?gh


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