Bible Study and Friendship

I taught many Bible Studies in different homes while in Jericho. However the biggest one was at the Jesus House on Saturday morning at ten o’clock. We would have ladies that showed up at eight in the morning for the study at ten. We kept the door locked until we had everything set up for the study. We had to set chairs up so they would have a place to sit.  Sometimes there were as many as twenty to thirty women out on the porch before we opened the doors. They really liked to fellowship with one another. We could hear them laughing while we were inside the house.

Women gathering on the porch
Women gathering on the porch

Once they came in they found a seat and continued to talk. When I asked them to quiet down they did and if there was anything I needed to tell them I would at that time. Kind of like announcements at church.

Most of the women did not know how to read. When the lesson began you could hear a pin drop. I would read a passage from the Bible and then the interpreter would read the same passage from the Arabic Bible. This was to let them know the Bibles were alike. After that I would begin to explain what that passage was saying to them. They loved it.

The women are interested in hearing from the Bible
The women are interested in hearing from the Bible

After the study I would ask who wanted prayer. Of course most of them did even if it was just for the blessing of the Savior. Many had physical problems and we prayed for healing. We saw God answer many prayers.

I couldn’t end this without saying a big THANK YOU to my interpreters. There were two and the one in the picture in this story is Suheil. He was raised in the Orthodox Church. He came into a living relationship with Jesus Christ and was always ready to serve in any way he could. To this day he is ready to serve the Lord in any way.

Thankful for the body of Christ,

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