Music the universal language

No matter where you go around the world the one thing we all have in common is music. It may not sound like music to you and you may not like it but it is music to them. For those of us working in Jericho we discovered they had no worship music.

Now I’m not really musically inclined at all and cannot play an instrument. But Susan McIntosh could play the guitar so she taught them a few simple worship songs. At most meetings they wanted to sing these few songs. That went just fine but they said when someone wasn’t there that could play the guitar they didn’t feel comfortable singing.

My friend and a dear ministry partner is a wonderful musician. Not only that, she is a good music teacher. In fact Karen Heise and I met in Jericho in 1997. She and a group of musicians came and we paraded down the streets singing and playing worship music.

Karen making sure all guitars are safe
Karen making sure all guitars are safe

After awhile Karen got this great idea that she could teach people to play the simple songs on the guitar. So she started checking out prices and got a really good price on some guitars. She bought six of them. She talked to me we decided to go to Jericho for a month, she would take the guitars and offer lessons. If someone finished the lessons she would give them the guitar. It was a great plan and we made the arrangements. However, we didn’t realize the cost of getting the guitars to Jericho. Every where we looked it was more expensive. So we agreed we would just pay the extra baggage cost and take them with us. We not only had 6 guitars but Karen also had her personal guitar.

They all made it safe
They all made it safe

So much happened on that trip that it will take me more than this post to tell you about it. But I will say here that the first miracle was that we were not charged for extra baggage. We had planned on paying for each guitar but they all went free.

God is still the God of miracles and is worthy to be praised.

Until the next post keep praising God as I will be.


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