Music the universal languagepart 3

When you have music playing in Palestine you are going to have dancing. I can’t tell you how many birthday parties I went to where the radio was playing and every one was dancing and that included little kids too. It is just a part of the culture.Image_00125

On Saturday morning after we had finished passing out the guitars we had our regular Bible Study. Now we had guitars so we had music and we could sing. On Saturday we started singing and one of our dear saints got up and started dancing. It wasn’t long before several of the ladies joined her. Before long I had joined, Karen had joined and even Terry McIntosh, who founded the Jesus House, joined in the dancing.Image_00127

It really isn’t dancing as we think of dancing. You just get up and start moving to the beat of the music. It isn’t provocative it is just fun and the Palestinian women love fun. After all being a woman in a Muslim society isn’t all that much fun. So when they can dance it is good.Image_00126

The Bible says “The joy of the Lord is my strength” and they sure were having joy. As I think back on those days I have fond memories. Those women taught me many things. So when I hear a song and I want to start dancing, if it is at all possible, I do. I have learned to find happiness is many different circumstances.

So the next time you are down, turn on some Christian music and dance. It will bring joy to you.

In the joy of the Lord,

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