Showing the love of Christ

I have mentioned on more than one occasion that some of the time we lived in Jericho there was a war going on. We could go up on our roof and see fighting between the Israeli’s and the Palestinians. That was a little over a mile from where we lived. This building was going to be a fish market and restaurant. But needless to say it got in the way of the fighting. Bob has just been there and they have rebuilt this building. I am happy for that and can hardly wait to see it.Image_00099

During this time we fed families that had lost their jobs because they worked in Jerusalem and could not go there. It was a simple food package but it kept families from going hungry during this time.

Some of the families were large and some were small. But we never turned a family away regardless of religion. If they were hungry we fed them. We asked nothing of them. We didn’t tell them they had to come to the Jesus House or any of our Bible Studies. We did tell them they were welcome but that had nothing to do with their getting food. Some of them came, some gave their heart to the Lord and we praised God for every soul saved. We also believe that there were seeds planted that will eventually grow.

A large family that we helped. Steve Walker, a ministry partner, is in the green shirt.
A large family that we helped. Steve Walker, a ministry partner, is in the green shirt.

One young mother we helped was Amira and her four children. She had been married to a man at the age of 13. She came from a family that did not believe in educating girls and that they should marry early. Her father pledged her to a man who was much older and an alcoholic. She was very smart even though she only had a third grade education. She built things for her children. She told us one time she was uneducated but not stupid. I would like to say that marriage this early is unusual but unfortunately it isn’t.

Amira and boys
Amira and boys

I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet these people and get to know them. They are wonderful people with needs just like ours. I hope I can convey that to you as you read my blog.

A small family
A small family

People are the same,

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