Palestinian Christian TV

We just got back from a trip to the West Bank. I know many people think that is not safe but it really is. There were six of us who went. It is the six who have worked there for some time. About a year ago Terry McIntosh had the opportunity to get a TV station in the West Bank. One of the things we wanted to find out is how the TV station is doing.

Adwa TV
Adwa TV

The station is in Nablus, the old city of Sychar in the Bible. The station is called Adwa TV and is run by our dear friend Tayseer. He had a miraculous encounter with Jesus Christ abut ten years ago and is a great believer. The station broadcasts six hours of Christian programming a night and also has news and local talk shows. One of the shows that people like to see is the Jesus Film. They can’t seem to get enough of that film. It is in Arabic, of course, and at the end has an invitation to accept Jesus as your Savior. We consider it a miracle to have the station and to freely air Christian programming.

Tayseer in his office
Tayseer in his office

We found out the station is doing quite well and Tayseer is doing a great job. We met other people he has hired to help run the station. It not only reaches the West Bank but into Israel and other surrounding countries.

Working at the TV station
Working at the TV station

Karen had brought her auto harp with her. The six of us had practiced a few simple choruses. So while there we sang and they recorded it to put it on TV. When they played it back for us it was pretty good. They aired it that night and had people call in to replay it the next day. The people were shocked that Americans came to the West Bank and sang for them. It was in English but they understood the love that was there.sam_0960

Many Palestinians have already come to know Jesus as their Savior, but continue to pray that many more come to saving knowledge as well as Muslims from the surrounding countries.

Loving the Palestinians,

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