Have you ever lived in a war zone?

Well, I have. We woke up one morning and went to the store for bread and found all the stores closed. We had no idea what had happened. We were in Jericho, a Palestinian territory.


There was a knock on the door and a friend asked if we were okay. We were a little confused and asked why he asked. It seemed over night the Palestinians and the Israelis went to war. As a result, the whole city of Jericho was surrounded and no one was allowed in or out.

As foreigners we could get out, but we wouldn’t be allowed back in. Our plane tickets were scheduled for two months later. So we decided to wait and see what happened.

That night we were up on the roof of the house and we could see the Israelis and the Palestinians shooting at one another. This was happening about a mile down the street from us.


Several friends came to the house and watched with us. We had no idea how long this war was going to go on. I had hoped just a couple of weeks.

Eventually, the stores reopened and we could go shopping if the grocer had what we wanted. Nothing was allowed in, so he might be out of it.

Living in a war zone was not something on my bucket list. But I wasn’t scared and the war lasted over a year. I have many stories to tell about living in Jericho during the war.

Yes, we left and went back several times. We had to sneak in, and that was dangerous, but once we were in Jericho we felt very safe.

I hope you will stop by again and find out about living in a war zone.


Until next time,


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