Grocery Shopping in Jericho

Going to the grocery store usually is not an adventure. Living in a different country and learning how to shop is quite an adventure

A vegetable market in Jericho
A vegetable market in Jericho

I was living in Jericho and I will tell you there are no super markets there. Most of the grocery stores are like a one car garage with groceries on each side. Vegetables and fruit were sold in a different store. However, I could not find where to buy meat.

Our friend Kahlil stopped by and I asked him where I could get meat. Did I want meat or chicken? I didn’t realize there was a difference. I said chicken, so we got in his car to go buy chicken.

We pulled up to the building and when we opened the door there were chickens running all over. I told Kahlil to tell the man I wanted four chickens. I was told to pick them out. What?

The next question really got to me. Did I want them like that or did I want them dead? I told him I preferred dead, cleaned and cut up. We were told they would be ready in a half hour.

While we were waiting we went to the meat market. Another surprise. All the meat was frozen and all I needed to do was tell them what I wanted. But it was just chunks of meat. I finally settled on two kilos of beef ground up. That would be almost four pounds.

I asked about fresh meat. Of course there was fresh meat it was hanging on the hooks outside the stores that sold fresh meat. NO Thanks!

fresh meat
fresh meat

We went back to the chicken store and they had the chicken cup up and wrapped. Are you aware that a freshly killed chicken is warm? Well, of course it would be, but I was used to buying my chickens at an American supermarket.

I am an adaptable person, but I will honestly tell you it took me a long time to get used to picking up warm chicken and realizing they were just fine.

Now I will tell you those chickens are the best I’ve ever tasted. No hormones, run on the ground chicken freshly killed. I‘ve not been able to find chicken like that in the States.


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