Nablus is Sychar

One of the joys of visiting different countries is seeing the old and the new. Cities in the West Bank are a real contrast. When we were in Nablus we saw that contrast. Nablus is the biblical town of Sychar where Jesus talked to the woman at the well in John four. It is a much bigger town than Jericho and the terrain is not flat at all. In fact I got the feeling I was either walking up or down but never on flat surface. Continue reading

Shopping at the meat market 2

Last post I told you about a meat market in Zhytomer. It was very different. One thing I didn’t tell you is that there was no refrigeration in this market at all. Now if it was winter that would be no problem but when it is summer it gets quite hot in Ukraine. Continue reading

Shopping at the meat market 1

Shopping over seas can be a great adventure or maybe not. In this blog and the next one I’m going to introduce you to a meat market in Zhytomer Ukraine. This was a huge place that was a full block square. It had a lot of open doors so you could go in from almost anywhere. I want to tell you that as far as I know I have never eaten any meat from this meat market. I say that because when you are invited somewhere else to eat you can’t be sure where they purchased their product.  I don’t know what this is but it was for sale at the meat market. Continue reading

Shopping Ukrainian Style

Shopping when over seas can be quite a challenge. When we lived in Chervonoarmeysk (also known as Pulin) in Ukraine we lived in a big village. After all it was five thousand people. Now granted that included those who lived around the village also. However, it was the largest village for miles and miles. The large city of Zhytomer was over an hour away by car and most people didn’t have cars. Continue reading

Grocery Shopping in Jericho

Going to the grocery store usually is not an adventure. Living in a different country and learning how to shop is quite an adventure

A vegetable market in Jericho
A vegetable market in Jericho

I was living in Jericho and I will tell you there are no super markets there. Most of the grocery stores are like a one car garage with groceries on each side. Vegetables and fruit were sold in a different store. However, I could not find where to buy meat.

Our friend Kahlil stopped by and I asked him where I could get meat. Did I want meat or chicken? I didn’t realize there was a difference. I said chicken, so we got in his car to go buy chicken. Continue reading