Nablus is Sychar

One of the joys of visiting different countries is seeing the old and the new. Cities in the West Bank are a real contrast. When we were in Nablus we saw that contrast. Nablus is the biblical town of Sychar where Jesus talked to the woman at the well in John four. It is a much bigger town than Jericho and the terrain is not flat at all. In fact I got the feeling I was either walking up or down but never on flat surface.Image_00131

There are a lot of cars in Nablus but not everyone rides in cars. When we were there we saw a young boy with a donkey. Most people didn’t even blink but that was something we didn’t see every day. So of course I had to take a picture.Image_00132

There are no big buildings or skyscrapers but the buildings are so pretty. Sometimes you just have to stop and admire the difference the architecture is from ours. On one street the cars and on another all you could see was pedestrians and of course different animals.

A beautiful street in Nablus
A beautiful street in Nablus

We toured a furniture factory. It wasn’t anything like we think of a factory. First of all it was in a big cave. The people hand crafted furniture far back in the cave. They showed us how they made the furniture. In the front part of the cave they had their furniture for sale. It was beautiful and so well made. You could shop buying furniture already made or you could tell them what you wanted and they would build it for you in the shop.

Note the beautiful handcrafted furniture in the furniture factory.
Note the beautiful handcrafted furniture in the furniture factory.

When I think how long these people have lived in this land and have adapted I am amazed. I really like traveling and seeing the difference in cultures. God is truly amazing and I like enjoying some of his handiwork. We are all different but we all need Jesus.

Enjoy traveling,

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