Friendship has no language problem

Don’t Speak The Same Language? No Problem.

What did we do at the Jesus house of Prayer? We held Bible studies, gave food to the poor, told all of them about Jesus and made many friends. One friend was very different. His name was Hussein. He lived in Jericho, but was from Iraq. He spoke absolutely no English.

Hussein really liked Bob. He began coming by two or three times a week. He brought an Arabic newspaper. He never would come inside, but he and Bob sat out on the porch and talked. Keep in mind: Hussein spoke no English — Bob spoke no Arabic.

He would open the paper and point to an article, then he would talk about the article. Bob would listen to him and then when he finished talking, Bob would talk to him about Jesus. I’m sure he understood as much of what Bob said as Bob understood him. When Bob finished talking, he would open to another article, point to it and talk some more.

Husein and Bob
Husein and Bob

I would make tea and take it out to them. They thanked me and I went back in the house while they talked and talked and talked. Sometimes he would spend an hour and sometimes he would spend two or three hours talking to Bob.

When he was done, he would fold up his paper, stand up smiling, and leave. Oddly enough Bob enjoyed his visits as much as Hussein must have enjoyed them. When Bob came inside after their talks, he would tell me he didn’t understand a word but he liked the company.

I know Hussein wanted to go back to Iraq. I don’t know if he ever got back to his home. I do know we think of him often and pray for him. You never know what God will do with the witnessing that went on. God is amazing and there is nothing too hard for Him. He is a miracle-working God.

Believing in miracles,

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