One of the most basic needs

War brings a lot of needs. One of the most basic is food. After the war started in Palestine, a lot of people were out of work. Many Palestinians worked in Jerusalem or other parts of Israel. They were not allowed to go to work. Without money, they could not buy food.

People began coming to the Jesus House asking for help buying food. Honestly, those of us who worked there didn’t have the money to buy food for all the people. Terry McIntosh, who was in charge of the Jesus House, put out word we needed money for food. Soon people began responding. Terry, with the help of a grocer, put together a food package that we gave to people in need.

At that time a package cost $22.00 and would feed an average family for one month if they didn’t overeat. The people were very grateful and many began asking for help. We did not turn people away. We did not ask if they were Muslim or Christian. They were hungry and needed food. We fed them.

Basic food package
Basic food package

If the family had a baby that needed milk, we would buy a big can of milk similar to Similac to feed the babies and small children. It is really what the mothers preferred rather than milk that might go bad.

two families
two families

We had a list and we delivered food to people every evening. The package was a little heavy to carry. They had no transportation and walked every where. Their expressions were priceless when we pulled up and knocked on the door. They were so thankful. Of course, we didn’t just drop off the food and leave. They insisted we stay and have tea. So we would sit and talk for awhile.



Amira and her boys
Amira and her boys

During that time God was faithful to make sure we had the money needed to keep feeding the hungry. We never had to turn anyone away.

It was such a joy to serve the people in that way.

Some times I miss those days.

Always ready to help,

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