When you are locked in a small town for weeks on end, things can get pretty boring. You can’t go anywhere unless it is in the town, and after a while you begin to want to go somewhere else or have something exciting happen.

While we were living in Jericho, we were not allowed to leave during the war. No one was allowed in or out. You could feel the people wanting to do something, anything that might be a little exciting or different.

I already wrote about the night Jericho was bombed. That was the first time we were ever bombed and, quite frankly, we were fine. We were no where near the bombing and that was fine with me.

The next night Kahlil came to the house and asked if we wanted to go for a ride. So we piled into the car with him and he took us to the outskirts of Jericho and showed us where the Israeli’s were guarding so no one would get out or come in.


When we were finished with that, he took us to the city square. There were people in the square looking at a building across the street and some were looking up. I asked Kahlil what was happening and he said there had been a rumor that the Israeli’s were going to bomb the police headquarters that night. The people were standing there waiting to see it. Really?

I told Kahlil to take us home. He asked if we were scared and I told him “no” but I really didn’t want to sit around and wait to see anything blown up.

Police Headquarters
Police Headquarters

The bombing didn’t happen that night and, as for as I know, the police station is still where it was. It dawned on me how people do silly things, and to me that was one of the silliest things I had ever seen

There were many things that happened during the war that caused me to laugh. That was a big one.

Still laughing,

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