Is it a Garage? Or … ?

Here in the United States most of us have a car. In fact most families have two or three cars. We have different ways of protecting our cars. We have a drive way or a garage or a special parking place and we are thrilled to have our space.

While living in Zelenograd I noticed a very strange looking thing. They looked like metal boxes the shape of a car. I don’t know what it was called because it wasn’t a garage especially as we think of a garage. Zelenograd is by Moscow and in the winter it is cold and the snow covers the ground most of the winter.

As I looked out the window, I saw a couple of these metal things. They looked like the picture here. I guessed since there were cars around these that they had something to do with cars. I even suspected there were cars in them.


One morning I looked out the window and saw one of them open. Yes, there was a car in there. Now I knew how they got to their cars. I couldn’t help but think how ingenious this invention was. It is amazing the ideas God gives to people when they need it, even if they aren’t serving Him.


I’ve been to many other countries and I have never seen anything like it anywhere else. This has stuck with me all these years and I think of it every winter. I hope you enjoy seeing this as much as I did.

Still marveling,

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