The Day the Love of God Dawned on Her

There are many joys to being on the mission field. I like teaching people about Jesus. Watching their eyes light up as they come to the realization that God loves them and they don’t have to earn that love is amazing.

While in Jericho, I had the privilege of teaching a group of women every Saturday. Some of them had already accepted Jesus as their Savior, but many were still seeking answers. These were women who were Muslim by birth. By that, I mean they weren’t really religious, but Islam is all they knew.


The teaching started at 10:00 AM on Saturday, but the ladies started coming at 8:30 AM. That was fine as we opened the gate and let them into the yard. They sat on the porch and visited with each other. About quarter to ten we opened the door and they came in and found a seat. We usually had about 40 ladies, but sometimes we had over 65.

The teaching was always simple and there was always an invitation to accept Christ as their Savior was given. Several received Jesus at that time. After the teaching we prayed for every lady in attendance. Many had physical needs, quite a few had financial needs, and some just wanted God to bless them. It was such a joy to ask Jesus to help these women.

I remember one such lady who was very special. Her name was Sarah. One Saturday she showed up because she heard there was something happening at the Jesus House. The weather was very hot as it was usually over 100 degrees. Sarah was in her 70’s and she walked over five miles to get to the house.

She attended several months as an observer. But then things changed for her. She changed. The day the love of God dawned on her was amazing. The light in her eyes was something to be seen, and remembered. She had several friends who came to the house, but she had absolutely no family. Just knowing she was loved was all that seemed to matter to her.

Sarah's house
Sarah’s house

Sarah has gone on to be with Jesus, but I will never forget her and her sweet spirit. She had nothing, but was willing to share whatever she could with you. We spent several evenings at Sarah’s house sitting in the yard and drinking tea.

Bob setting up chairs for tea at Sarah's
Bob setting up chairs for tea at Sarah’s

I am so thankful I had the opportunity to meet these lovely ladies. I will tell you about different ladies in different posts.

Always thankful,



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